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Elegant Miss Avalon

Financial Domination Therapy. Are you addicted?

Addicted to Financial Fuckovers?

Admit it. You're addicted to Financial Domination. That's why you're reading this listing--you really don't want to call another Financial Dominatrix again, but you don't feel like you can help yourself.

Blackmail, coercion, raise the rate games, click & pay, brainwashing, exposure, wallet rape, draining, and ruin--those ideas all make you feel weak, and so aroused. Even though you may be dominant in all other areas of your life, your one true desire is to be fucked over by a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman. Isn't it?

Still it worries you that you're pissing away so much of your money--even your savings and your retirement funds-- on your dick. You tell yourself that these women tricked you out of your money, but you know who made you do it. Who is in charge here anyway? Clearly it's the little head that does the thinking. You tell yourself that you won't call, but here you are. You're ashamed of how pathetic you are for wanting it, and for having no control over it.

Don't blame yourself. It's a potent, addicting cocktail for a weak man like you: the combination of fear, excitement and arousal--and once you've ridden that rollercoaster ride, it's a difficult one to get off.

Understanding your desires is the first step. I'll get deep into your head, piecing together how it all started, working out what exactly keeps you coming back for more. What happens after that all depends on you.
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