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Sometimes I go to the ghetto for black dick

Sometimes I go to the ghetto to get black dick. Not just any kind of black dick only the hugest kind on the roughest most thuggish black brutes I can find, I especially love ones with very thick Jamaican accents.

I stick out like a sore thumb with my Asian/white features, seductive clothes and pearls (I always wear my pearls when getting fucked by black thugs - it's a fetish of mine). Sometimes I walk into a black bar and the place goes quiet because all eyes are on me.

I take a seat closest to the back and order a drink, I cross my legs exposing my stocking tops and dangle my heels from my foot. They all know that I'm only there for one reason.

One of my hottest experiences was hooking up with a bunch of them and having them fuck me non stop in a tiny little room that smelled of camphor balls, sweat and smoke. The room was sweltering hot and they were all shining and dripping with sweat. The bed was lumpy, stained and the springs squeeked. I loved seeing their black hands all over my body as they tore my clothes off and talked trash to me I came within a couple of minutes with big thick lips wrapped around my nipples and devouring my dripping...

I'm not sure my husband who was sitting on the floor in the corner was having such a good time. He looked terrified, but I guess not completely terrified since he was stroking his little white cock. Every now and then he'd cry out "you're hurting her!!!", and he would rise to his feet only to slide back down into the corner again because of hateful looks and words of the black brutes that were fucking me raw.