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Chase the Fox

total control by a cruel young Boss

Looking for a Bossy Bitch to control your useless cock and put you in your place? Well here I am....




That's right MY amusement. It's about control. When you talk to me, I call the shots. See the subcategory title? It says "Femdom". That means it's a place where women are reign supreme & the men are here to serve. Get it? So when you call, be prepared to follow MY lead, to answer any questions I might have & just be eager to please in whatever way you can. I'm 26 demanding, manipulative, morally oblique & delightfully cruel. An audacious vixen with an insatiable hunger for control. What I offer is below with a few things you should know.

cute as fuck aren't I? Show your appreciation then

Humiliation & Loser Abuse: For the losers looking to be verbally degraded, laughed at or abused to entertain, call me and state I'm just a loser" If you have a tiny little cock, tell me "I'm a shrimp dick" For the cum-eaters, who want to be forced to swallow their load "I'm such a cum-eater"

Sissification & slut training: I have a soft spot for sissies, and I love transforming confused men into my pretty little doll. Call and say "I'm such a sissy" The second stage of sissification is turning you into a good little girl for me. if you're already a sissy & need to be trained to properly please a man say "I'm just a sissy slut"

Teasing & Orgasm Denial: I will bring you to the very brink & leave you dangling until I decide if you are allowed to cum. Those who want me to control your cock, call and say "Please control my cock"

Closet-Queers & Forced-Bi: In denial about your homosexual tendendencies? I will give you a push in the right direction. say "I'm such a faggot"

Cuckolding & coached cocksucking: Inadequate beta-males who want to watch as their wife or girlfriend is pleased by the cock of a real man. call and say "I'm such a cuck"