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Queen Of Phone Mean

Special Humiliation for a Lucky few

This is my special humiliation line. As always I’m in control but this line has a special twist to it. You the sad slave will endure what ever cruel mood I’m in. One could say this is my hardcore bitch line, so fair warning it’s not for the faint of heart. I would highly advise that you never question me, never back talk me, and above all do as I say! If I order you to do something you get off your ass and proceed to do what ever the hell I tell you to do. It may be your fantasy, but I am the Queen so I can do with you what ever I want. Also since some of you have proven to be major morons I will go over some of my rules once again. I will not moan for you, you moan for me and you will cum if I allow you to do so. If you do not speak loud enough for me to hear you then as is my rule I will talk about what ever is on my lovely mind. Don’t like my rules, then go find someone else that will allow you to get away with crap because this Mistress doesn’t work that way. I am the one and only Queen Of Phone Mean so play by my rules or go play some where else. Enough said….