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Young, sexy & way too good for your pathetic self

I am the young lady you always want, but will never have. Slender, tall, gorgeous and only 20, living the life scores dream for in the beautiful West End of Downtown Vancouver. I know as well as you do that you are unworthy of me, my time, and my attention. So really this is your last pathetic chance to serve me as my financial slave before I get too big too even accept your cold hard cash. I have no need to play into the standard scripts of the Financial Domme or Cash Princess, wasting hours flinging insults at worthless pay pigs and human ATM’s that don’t even deserve the skin they’ve seen. I am above all of that, and have better things to do with my time. I, Nathalie, am the f*ing Queen. No one can argue, and I have nothing to prove. Because in comparison, you are less than nothing. I am a powerful young woman, growing more-so by the day as I bring honour to myself and my family, and in the process change the world. I may be younger, softer, sweeter and more desirable than you, but I am already stronger, better, and more worthy. You can try, and trust me, you will pay. And you will get nothing from me, because you are worth nothing in my world. Pay my rent, my phone bill, buy me clothing, diamonds, pedicures. Pay for my education, my entertainment, my life enjoyment, and I will ignore your pathetic pleas for attention. If you choose to serve the beauty of Queen Nathalie, you will pay tribute and fulfill your duties subserviently: without question, without hesitation, and without one single request for more of your Queen’s time or energy. Trust me, you have already exhausted it more than you’re worth. I do not welcome silly messages about my beauty, greatness, or worthiness. I know it, and if you are wasting my time away like that you obviously could never appreciate it. I respond to tribute, and to that, only with instructions of your future duties. I may show my appreciation one day, but only to the good financial slaves who fulfill their duties without question.