Phone Sex

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I PROGRAM YOU to be a better man & lover

This listing is about me using my psychic abilities to program YOU.
THIS IS NOT PHONE SEX or hypnosis. It is about becoming a better lover and a better man.

* Increase your sexual confidence *
* Strengthen your devotion to a lover *
* Banish counter-productive sexual attitudes *
* Ease the transition into a new sexual lifestyle *
* Reinforce your resolve to live the way you wish *

First, we talk about how you want to change.
Together we craft the messages you want to receive.
Then, I send your subconscious images, energy and messages.
We do this three, five or more times.
Your goals might be to:

Have confidence approaching women ...

Sexual confidence

Be more 'studly' ...

Be studly

Change your subconscious ...

Discipline your thoughts ...

Discipline your thoughts


Break Free!

Have confidence: When Sallie gets into your head,
she enters in the name of Light.

Call to discuss your goals!

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Then purchase a package of
three or five psychic sendings:

Three sending sessions
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Five sending sessions
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Call Sallie!

Please note: I will not reinforce devotion to dark energies,
or send messages I believe will harm you or another.

Become the man you want to be!

As the SexualPsychic I give psychic readings about sex, desire and all topics.
Visit the Tantra_Tutor listings to study Tantra as taught by ancient Taoists.
Call Sexual Sanity's "Light in the Dark" listing if you're giving up power to others during sex.
As the Psychic Seducer I reel in your potential lovers, help your partner be wilder, and program you for maximum sexual performance.
My Boudoir Photos: For a pretty penny, regular customers only may purchase photos of me at my prime.

Need psychic insight now? Call my Sex Psychic Emergency Line