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Seductress Suzie

Purveyor of Exquisite Stockings and Lingerie

I know what you've come here for--a beautiful Mistress outfitted in the objects of your desire.... Just take a moment to gaze at me in my lingerie and stockings. You need only look at my sexy, perfectly sculpted legs to get an erection.

I know how men like you think and I know what you want. You have always wanted what I possess.....perfect legs clad in sexy lingerie and stockings.It is completely natural to have a slight...addiction to the body of a gorgeous woman.

As with any addiction, the slightest things can accent said body in a way that has you completely out of control. This can be particularly so with the perfect lingerie that leaves just enough to the imagination, while bringing out deep-seated cravings of the primal nature.

I have always enjoyed using my body to make men rock-hard while playing the lovable cock tease. I guess this is what inherently led to my personal love of lingerie and stockings. There is something classy, yet tantalizingly exciting, about dressing for the erotic occasion.

There is no need to deny the overwhelming glamour of the classic beauty and the electric eroticism of being seduced and controlled by a gorgeous woman who towers over you in only the best lingerie. You will never forget the feeling of stocking-covered calves and thighs against your tongue as your worship my body. You will become completely weak to your sexual desires as you feel silk-clad toes graze the tip of your cock in a teasing fashion.

It is time to give into your natural primal desires of attraction to the female body, an attraction that is only multiplied and intensified by the sexy accent of lingerie and stockings. We well get lost in a passion that has you throbbing and aching for more long after our sensual encounter.

Don't worry, I will be ready for your anxious return in something even more daring and exciting each and every time....

When I am Happy, I promise you will be Happy. Feedback is something that makes me very Happy. It behooves YOU to keep ME Happy!