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Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


I can help you SEDUCE HER with my psychic powers

This listing is NOT to seduce or hypnotize you.
It is for seducing a third party — a partner you want to be wilder in bed; a crush; someone you're dating.

Seduce Her!

Inspire him to let

you suck his cock

Send Them Psychic Suggestions
To Desire You

Ever wished you could get her attention?

Ever wanted her to look at you like you're special?

Wished for a way to make her horny while thinking of you?

Tell me your fantasies about her — or him.
Work with me to craft sexy psychic suggestions consistent with those fantasies.
I will "whisper in her ear" your naughty messages.

And your wild ride begins.

Convince her that:

  • She wants to fuck you
  • Thinking of you turns her on
  • You can make her cum over and over
  • She should let you serve her
  • You want to follow her every command
  • She must seek you out whenever possible
  • You are a better lover than who she's with
My Powers

I have five skill areas that together make it possible to affect a person's thoughts, attitudes and actions from a distance:

Meditation ....... Psychic abilities ....... Energetic transmissions ....... Access to the unconscious ....... Hypnotic suggestions

Utilizing just one or two of these powers, I can load up a message with enough punch to penetrate the subconscious of the person you lust after. All five together empower me to:
  • send images into a person's dreams,
  • dialogue with their subconscious,
  • embolden them to take sexual acts they previously avoided,
  • relay fantasies scripted by you,
  • manifest horniness, and
  • direct that horniness toward you.

I stumbled upon this work at the request of a client. I was as surprised as he was pleased when my experiments proved successful. A day after I sent a communication to his wife encouraging her to be more free sexually and to wear lingerie, she not only put on lingerie (not common) but also texted him naked pics — which she had previously refused to do.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only able to connect with people with whom you already have a connection. I can not read strangers.

What happens?

I plant your suggestions in her subconscious and send her juicy sex energy and images of you designed to make her horny. She might:
  • Start looking at you
  • Check out your body
  • Think of you more often
  • Find herself attracted to you without knowing why
  • Show more interest in you
  • Be more responsive to your flirting
  • Spend more time with you
And that opens doors for you to make your move. It increases the probability that she will say 'yes.' It makes her more likely to let you in the door.

There is no guarantee that it will work. But with my powerful psychic and suggestive abilities, it is possible that your suggestion will change how she sees you, thinks about you, and acts around you.

She will NOT:

  • be aware of the sessions;
  • know what you've done;
  • remember the images, except as filtered through her subconscious; or
  • consciously remember the messages.

As a spiritual and ethical person, I will NOT:

  • Wish harm on anyone;
  • Violate Niteflirt's rules regarding off-limit topics; (See item J)
  • Answer in-depth questions about a woman's sexual past;
  • Be part of any scheme courting negative energy;
  • Send suggestions that violate my beliefs.
  • Do anything that resembles phone sex.

Ready to Enter Her Dreams?

1. Purchase a Psychic Seduction series with a button below.

2. Call me to craft personalized messages (I help), and get a brief psychic reading on you and the object of your desire.

3. I meditate, contact their subconscious mind and relay the messages.

4. I email you a report.

5. You decide whether to reinforce the initial sessions by purchasing more.


Three sending sessions
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Five sending sessions
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Subconscious change does not happen overnight, nor does it translate into conscious behavior changes immediately. It will take multiple sessions to see results — every person is different so I can not predict how many sessions your lover needs.

Questions? Call me!
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