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Where is all the real dick??

I have been a total sub boy ever since I can remember. Now at 24 years old I know what a "True Dom" really wants and that is not me. He wants a hole he can use anytime he feels like it. He wants a boy that is nothing more than his sole property. He does not care about me or how I feel. There are a lot of guys out there that would like to call themselves dominant but some how they just role play. Its a fake game they play trying to be dominant. I am not into role playing. A real dominant guy does not fake or role play. He is the only one in the situation who will get pleasure and the only one in control. So trust me when I say I know what real Doms want. I understand my role and I submit. I also know once I submit there are no limits he has to go by. There is nothing he can not do to me if he so desires. I am ready to be your property. If you want to talk to a "True Sub" contact me! Enough with this role playing...make me regret submitting to you!

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