Phone Sex

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I bet you are the type of man who has always been accustomed to being in charge. You probably even feel a little superior to most, thinking that you are just sly enough to "pull one over" on just about anyone. You are the man's man. No, you are superman, aren't you? Well, even superman has his kryptonite, and you are no exception.

You have a weakness for a gorgeous woman. A woman who is classy, one who is not easily attained. You have always fancied a challenge, and lucky for you, I enjoy a good game of chase. The question is, are you quick enough, handsome enough, rich enough, or classy enough? Can you really play hardball with a woman as intelligent and mischievous as I?

I know that I deserve to see you serving me beneath my high heels, doing whatever it is that I desire. You will grovel before me, begging for permission to do even the most basic things.

You will no longer be America's top CEO or the very successful doctor who made his parents oh so proud. You will be nothing but a pathetic worm for my amusement. I will degrade you with my soft, sensual voice. The menacing smile behind each word will force you deeper into my den of dark depravity.

I am the ultimate Humiliatrix. You will feel sexual sensations that you have never imagined as I take you on a riveting journey of domination and submission. Do you think that you are man enough to submit to a powerful Femdom Goddess?

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