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Reina Luxe

Velvet Voiced Manipulative Mental Seductress


the world without the presence of woman. A world without the warm, enveloping intensity of feminine energy...the electric shiver that darts down your spine when you catch her scent...her smile...the thought of how her touch would feel grazed against your skin...or what the sweetest part of her would taste of. Her nimble intellect, not eclipsed by her tantalizing physicality, but enhanced by it. An existence void of the hypnotic frame that is her curve...the one that drives you absolutely mad...that one...the one you love to slyly trace your eager gaze upon...that very one...

I am woman, a gift to be cherished, head to toe. Adorned. |

Nature's best masterpiece. Floating art. Delivering you to ecstasy and beyond. The savior of your sanity and curator of a lost menagerie; the untrained creation that is modern day "man". You are welcome. And, you owe me.

If by now you haven't picked up what I'm putting down: understand that women control you. Understand that
I control you.

I control where your stupid little mind goes...because I know how to reduce it into mush.
I control your cock, because your triggers are...well, just so very basic...and making you yearn is in my nature.
I'm napalm for your brain, yet you feen I'm the only thing that makes you feel exactly how you want to feel deep...deep down inside.
And it is because of all these little things, that I too, control your wallet. It feels good...being used by feels too good to give everything up for me. But first and foremost, it's always because you owe me. Beginning here and now, commit this to memory: you owe me. You will always owe me.

And handsomely.