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I'm Adrienne and, fantasy aside, I'm a sultry southern slut with a taste for really great cock. I know you'll see a lot of women in my position say they only want BIG cock but really? I've never met a cock I didn't like and couldn't make cum so hard, you're left with your knees knocking together while you catch your breath.

I'm married, but my husband knows he can't compete with my sex-drive so he encourages me to indulge however I want. He's gone quite a bit on business but LOVES to come home to hear about all the guys I have been playing with on the phone and how much teasing I did while I was by myself. We've done the swinger thing in our town and it's a lot of fun but even that just isn't enough for me. So, when my husband heard about hot wife phone sex he was all over getting me to sign up!

What My Husband Doesn't Know ...

Here's the kick. Yes, my husband knows about all the phone sex I have and it turns him on to hear about my guided masturbation sessions. He loves to stroke his cock while I tell him about our calls where you came on my tits, or blew a nut in my ass (I did tell you I do anal, right?) but I keep one secret from him. I'm not sure how he'd feel about it but I just can't help myself. Recently, my sex drive has just been getting almost unmanageable and I've been spending more and more time on the phones that I just needed the real thing -- so off to the store I went, to buy myself a toy to play with while we're together. I was in the shop, comparing a few different ones when I saw him.

Cheating Wife

He happened to be standing over by the movies, trying to be subtle about checking me out. A gorgeous mocha-skinned man that I could already tell was going to make me cum harder than anyone ever had before. I could see the bulge in his pants from across the great state of Alabama, let alone the 50 or so feet separating us in the store. I smiled and went over to see what he was watching ... and wouldn't you know, it was interracial porn. It didn't take too long after that before we were in a hotel room and I was down on my knees, feeding that cock right down my throat. And I was right about one thing. He is fucking AMAZING in bed.

Cuckold Phone Sex

I love telling YOU all about how good he fucks me. I want to hear you jerking off while I tell you how many times he made me cum last night. Maybe you could roleplay being my husband, catching me in our wedding bed with my lover? Or do you want to lay there with me, watching him take me from behind? There's all kinds of ways we can live the fantasy out!


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