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Seductress Suzie

☎ Hypnosis ☎ Blackmail-$$-Mindfuck-Intox-Poppers-☎

I am a woman of mystifying power and sensual seduction. My Intelligence more powerful than my looks. I adore slowly extracting every last bit of power from money slaves through the art of erotic hypnosis and mind control. I even resort to blackmail in extreme cases.

I demand the utmost obedience from my slaves and delight in slowly taking complete control of you. There is nothing I enjoy better than bringing an arrogant man crumbling to his knees, then crushing him beneath diamond-encrusted heels.

You will find yourself becoming weaker and more susceptible to my voice and my desires as I continuously control you through the use of erotic hypnosis. Once you have been broken down into a slothy money pig, you will be subjected to utter humiliation as you are forced to carry out my every desire. You will no longer be able to deny your hypnotic financial domination Femdom.

In fact, you will become completely addicted to me. You can't deny the desires that you feel deep within you. My power of mind control will have your mind in a constant whirl thinking of me as everything else melts completely away.

I will relish in delight as I watch you sink into complete financial ruination for me in such an adoring fashion. You know that you need to feed your sick addiction, and I am the perfect money Mistress to control you with erotic hypnosis. I look forward to digging my claws deep into your mind, controlling your body, your finances and your thoughts completely, so don't keep me waiting.

I also enjoy forced bi,extreme humiliation. There are no limits when I have you deep in the trance my darling, anything can happen.....right? Yes!

I absolutely love forced intox hypnosis as that allows my control to be so much more intense. Perhaps you are imbibing in some vodka shots or a nice blunt. For the hardcore addicts, lines and poppers add to your fun don't they my pet? Yes.....I thought so! And when your libations and party favors start taking affect, the deeper my control becomes. Oh you are like putty in my hands my dear little addict , and I love taking you nice and deep in my hypnotic trance.

Many men that enjoy erotic hypnosis are looking to fulfill their forced bi fantasies. These men that they would never be able to fulfill these desires without the help of erotic hypnosis. During this type of erotic hypnosis, I use erotic hypnosis to free them of inhibitions that allow them to embrace their desires. This helps men to allow themselves to indulge in forced bi fantasies!

As you can see, I am well-versed in all forms of erotic hypnosis and I love toying with your mind.

When I am Happy, I promise you will be Happy. Feedback is something that makes me very Happy. It behooves YOU to keep ME Happy!