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I'm a Sexy Asian Barbie who enjoys having fun! I'm a girly girl I enjoy getting dressed up and can spend hrs shopping! Burberry, Coaches, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, are my favs and anything that's expensive!

I'm 100 percent princess and Your 100 percent Loser!

what princess want is what she gets! and Your job is to serve me!

Welcome to my World! From here on you can wipe your existence on earth and learn to serve me princess as your master! That you shall worship daily!

I make all the rules here! and you just obey them because that's what your good at and that is being subservient!

Now pay attention!

deny/tease are my favs! Domineering is my forte! You may only address me as your Princess! You have no privilege to call me Eve!

Here's my rules

1. Worship me i am perfection! if you're too cheap to pay for My attention, then fuck off so the next slave can take your place! i'm here to humiliate, not give losers discounts.

2. There is no nudity in My shows. You are worthless scum and the last thing you deserve is to see My awesome nakedness. I am quite the tease though, so be grateful for what you can get loser!

3. Yes My prices are on the higher side. Duh, do you see how fucking HOT I am?? I can charge whatever I please and you stupid horny idiots will pay it because you can't resist a Princess this perfect.

4. An outfit request is just that a request. I probably won't oblige unless there is a tribute attached to it! See how this works??

5. My fetish? MONEY. I expect you to tribute Me and send Me gifts. Nothing makes me happier that cold hard cash. So get on your knees, give Me what is rightfully mine, and be grateful I allow you to do so.

6. I am a Perfect Princess! My body is perfect, 32D that will turn you into a blubbering idiot, tiny waist, sexy asian booty, and long model legs that will have you on your knees in a heartbeat. I do what I want with you idiots because I can! And you love it! if you're a good sub, then you'll do anything to show Me that you're worth keeping around.

Consider your sole purpose from this point on to be to spoil, worship, entertain, and confide in Me. your existence will revolve around pleasuring Me, though the pleasure will mostly be yours. xoxo princess does it better! p.s. I LOVEEEEEE to be spoiled. and pampered..So check out my Wishlist!!!

I"m the type of girl who will rob you out of all of your money!!

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