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Seductress Suzie

❤Intelligent Talk❤CockTease❤Mind Control

Men like you never know quite what to do when they meet a woman like me. Before I even speak a word to them, they can already tell that I'm...different...somehow. They instinctively know that I have some kind of special power over them, so to speak. It throws them off-balance and intrigues them all at the same time. I can't help my natural, if somewhat predatory, instincts, and you can't help your natural instinct to be my prey.

It's a symbiotic relationship of the Femdom and poor, hapless male. Once you've encountered me and once I get my sights set on you, there's really no way out. You're completely at my mercy. But most men will tell you that it's a delicious place to be!

I'm a intelligent, controlling femdom with a penchant desire for seducing men--sometimes older men, sometimes men the same age as me, and often younger ones. I have yet to find anyone who can resist me! . You're probably a strong, confident man who feels certain you can handle anything that fate throws into your path.

You'd have no reason to think that a sexy mature lady would be a threat to you at all. But how quickly you'd learn differently. My mind control manipulation games are intense, after all, and you would be no match for them. I want to trance you and get you under my control and guidance. The art of wrapping a man around my little finger is something I do both elegantly and thoroughly.

You'll find yourself falling prey to me, but it'll be the most delightful fall of your life. It'll start out slowly, of course. Innocently, even. I might let you do all the talking at first,before I begin to ask questions and push your buttons. I can be romantic, dirty and erotic. I can be sweet, listen to your deep dark secrets and filthy desires. I can be cruel and humiliate you into lust and passion. I bet you never knew humiliation could be such a turn on did you?

The goal is to keep you uncertain, unsteady. As soon as my teasing begins in earnest, you'll realize exactly what the score is. But by then, it will be much too late, for you will have already fallen prey to this intelligent, Hypno Femdom.

Don't be shy........give me a call and let's explore those fantasies, perverse kinks and desires.

When I am Happy, I promise you will be Happy. Feedback is something that makes me very Happy. It behooves YOU to keep ME Happy!