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Seductress Suzie

Dangle The Shoe Control The Cock

Every foot and leg fetishist is unique, but they all share the same common feature of adoring feet and legs. I have always had the innate ability to naturally attract these types of lovers since I have astounding legs and the perfect petite feet that I always have pedicured. I have grown to love these kinds of slaves so much so that I have worked very craftily in perfecting my methods of picking them up.

One of the most important things for me to remember when I go out looking for a brand-new foot and leg admirer is to ensure that I am dressed in a way to accent my perfect legs and showcase my sexy feet and toes. My favorite outfit is the little black cocktail dress with the matching black strappy stilettos.

The dress hardly falls longer than the middle of my very sexy and toned thighs, which makes the leg and foot fetishists go wild with the desire to kiss up and down my long, sexy legs. The finishing touch is a very light lotion that gives my dark tanned legs a slight shimmer, which is sure to capture the wandering eyes of the leg and foot lovers.

Once I have spotted a man who can barely keep his eyes off of my perfectly shaped thighs, calves and carefully ornamented toes, I am ready to entangle him into my sensual, sexy web of seduction and erotic cock tease.

I love to start off by slowly bending down to run my manicured fingers casually up the length of my legs, all the way up to the hem of my short dress, then gently tug the hem "back into place," as if that were my plan all along. I then slowly and deliberately double-cross my legs with one sexy petite foot gingerly resting behind the other ankle. The foot and leg admirer will be completely lost in his lusty thoughts as he watches my toes nonchalantly playing with the strap of the shoe that is loosely secured around my ankle.

I can see my prey shifting uncomfortably in his seat as he tries to very discreetly hide his growing erection, so that's when I decide to make my move by moving over to sit near him. I sit just close enough that he can feel my soft calves brush up against his underneath his table, and I can feel a slight shudder as his arousal increases instantly. Then, I know it won't be long before he is begging to kiss and lick every inch of my perfect feet and legs.