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Going back to the dawn of civilization all of the earliest complex societies developed social classes that included royalty and slavery. If you are like me you understand that this is not a coincidence, rather it the way human society was meant to be. The ideal society is one with a heirarchy of social classes where everyone has a place. That is the natural way for human social structure to be. There needs to be a ruling class and there must be a servile class to serve them. The ruling class has usually been a royal or aristocratic class while the servile class has gone by many names such as slave, serf, servant, bondsman etc. Regardless of the title though their role is always the same, that is to serve. Their purpose in society is to toil and labor for the service and pleasure of their superiors. This is the system that gave us the pyramids, the coliseums and aquaducts of Rome and all that Western civilization is built on. Those who were born to occupy one of these classes can feel it deep within them and will always struggle to find peace in a modern society that no longer has a place for them. If you are one of these people, whether you are an inferior drone eager to serve or one of the priveleged meant to rule such as I, you will find acceptance and understanding here.