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Domina Jenna Rotten

You are both turned on and intimidated by Me

Hello pet, My name is Mistress Jenna Rotten. It is a name you will not soon forget. I have an alternative ATTITUDE and an alternative LOOK. I am a professional Domina from the California Bay Area. I enjoy all sorts of kink play..and that is just in my personal life!! I take my role as Dominant Woman very seriously! I have been professionally dominating men for over five years, both in personal sessions and over the phone.

I stand 5 foot 8 inches with a size 9 shoe, luscious 42DD bust, 185 lbs, size 12 dress. My red hair frames my round face with dimples belying my sadistic nature; my flashing gold and green eyes are the window to my soul. My skin is fair with freckles and a generous amount of ink. My body is truly a WORK OF ART. A sub like you will never see any of this without my approval. Earning permission from me is going to be quite and undertaking.

I'm the kind of Woman who will take you out in public and humiliate you with glee. I enjoy showing off and exploiting my power over men; I know how to bring you to your knees and keep you there.

Cuckolding is also one of my favorite pass times. I love keeping a weak man in my pocket while I step out on him. Continuing to come back bragging about my conquests, reminding him of his inadequacies. You've proved you are inadequate just by reading this, didn't you?

You NEED to call me, because without my training you will remain a useless sissy with NO WAY TO PLEASE A WOMAN. With my presence you will have a use, a purpose.

That purpose is to serve, amuse and obey me and nothing else will make you feel more complete. I demand your call before it's too late and you shrivel up into a useless shell of a man.