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Tall Hung Dominant, demanding bisexual man

I'm a 6'6" 200 lb 38-year-old giant with size 13 feet, 9" cut thick and a demanding attitude toward sex. In my real life, I only hook up with and date people who have accommodating, submissive natures. I don't get along with girls or guys who are aggressive or assertive. I'm much more comfortable with people who put my needs ahead of theirs. On dates (I like men and women) I prefer to choose the restaurant, te movie, the places we go, everything. I can't give up control. I like to decide how quickly we move along sexually. Sexually, I only click with submissives. I won't lick your pussy or suck your cock. You'll know it's time to suck mine because I'll have my hand behind your head pushing it down. You'll be naked all the time while I'm often clothed. I'm very much a boob man and love having fun with a girl's chest. I'll grab and grope and lick them. Makes my big dick hard an ready to fuck. My aim with a girl is to cum in your pussy. I'm not too interested in whether you get off. I love a nice submissive female's body for my pleasure. You'll know it's time to spread your legs because I'll point to your pussy and snap my fingers. I have a lot of precum, and that's all the lube I'll use. I'll fuck you like an animal, playing with your tits until I'm ready to blow. I'll seed your pussy deep inside. Hope you're on the pill. If not oh well, not my problem. Yes faggots, now I'll tell you how I use men. I do not suck dick or get fucked, ever. Never have, never will. I date and fuck only submissive bottom guys, not versatile guys. I am a total top. I've fucked all kinds of guys--younger, older, thin, fat, muscular, as long as you have a nice ass that can take a 9" cock. I only use my precum as lube and don't use condoms. After you choke on my cock, deepthroating it, I'll be poking at your hole. Usually I put a fag on his stomach face down biting the pillow. We're done when I breed your ass good. I'm not interested in a man (or woman) cumming--not my job or my interest. I make that clear with men I date. You'd be surprised at the number of men who not only don't mind--but love that about me. That's me in a nutshell. I'm not a "WORSHIP ME NOW I AM YOUR MASTER" kind of guy. I'm thoughtful, experienced and know what I'm doing. Pretty much any kind of submissive gets me hard as a rock. Just love the feeling and thought I'd give you the honour of talking to me.