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Princess Seva

you are so close to the edge you might fall off

Money is MY aphrodisiac.

I mercilessly control and coerce weak losers, beta males, cash cows, pay pigs, pay piggies... I know what you're thinking... I know men inside and out... I know you better than you know yourself... I am able to use your deepest desires against you to manipulate you and ruin you... I can bring you to the edge, to a heightened state of arousal, a very suggestible state, and impose My will on you... I have the expertise to take advantage of you and use you for My purposes... you will go farther for Me than you ever have for any other Woman... As your attachment to Me increases, so will My power over you... As your will to resist Me decreases, so will your bank account... I will capture your attention, hold you in awe, play with your mind, toy with your emotions, and breathe life into your nihilistic fantasies of... total financial enslavement.

Call Me for training and wallet draining.