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very male sexy M.D. knows what you need

I am a highly sexual straight M.D.. I am a highly empathic professional with over 20 years in the counseling game. As you know, it is not really a game at all. Your call is of the utmost importance to you and that is why I chose to spend my time on the phone with you. I am an M.D. and additionally certified in sex therapy. I know how meds affect one's sex drive and I have gained through both training and personal experience respect for every single fantasy you have. I love to help you even if means living out your fantasy of hurting you. I have been there many times. I know what it feels like to be taken, to be talked into coming, to be interrogated, to be seduced and violated beyond control. Or I am equally happy to be cruel and to hear and live out all your fantasies, especially those involving someone you know or care about. I enjoy working with couples, manipulating them without their knowledge into the fantasy world they each crave. I am independently wealthy and do not do this for the money. I DO IT BECAUSE I GET OFF ON IT, EACH AND EVERY TIME. I too have been awake at 2 am, dying to speak to a sexy person and I too have been disappointed time after time. You won't be with me. If you are honest with me, I'll talk to you and take you to a place you may wish to permanently reside. In my head or yours. Take the chance and you'll be thinking about our conversations pretty much all the time. I can think of far worse fates than that, how about you, slut? Dr. David Rand