Phone Sex

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You have money. I want it. That is simple enough for you to understand, isn't it? If you're stupid enough to give it to me, I'm greedy and heartless enough to take it. I am accustomed to living a life of leisure. I don't work. You do. You support me and everything I need and desire. Look at me, do you really think somebody as pretty as I am is going to work some stupid-ass low-level, low paying job taking orders from people who aren't even worthy to lick dirt off the bottom of my heels? I don't think so. I was born for better things. I've never had to work a day in my life and you're going to see to it that I never do. You are going to pay my rent and all my other bills. You work. I play. It's a perfect relationship.

I spend my mornings at Starbucks with friends, drinking lattes and laughing about what I got from you and what a pathetic little bitch you are. Then we go shopping and spend your money. I'm used to pampering myself at spas, getting massages and pedicures and manicures and buying lots of pretty and sexy things you'll never get to see me wear. You will pay my gym fees every month. In the summertime you will pay for my pool fees so I can spend my entire day just lounging by the pool reading my favorite book and drinking Long Island Iced Teas. You will be be in a drab little office somewhere slaving away. I will be having fun in the sun at your expense. Occasionally I'll go for a dip in the pool just to give the college boys a look at something they'll never be able to touch. I don't have sex with anyone I take gifts or money from, ever, that would be prostitution and so far beneath me you better not even be thinking you're going to get some. Not gonna happen. If you want a prostitute go pick up some cheap little two-bit whore with whatever money I've left you, which might be enough for a cheap, toothless hooker. It's more than you deserve and I am not completely heartless. If you can't keep me living in the style to which I am accustomed then don't even bother me, don't waste my time, go bother some little girl who doesn't know her worth. I know mine and you will pay!!! And you will thank me for the privilege!!!