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Musclebound Michelle

From Mousey Girl to Muscle Goddess

Phone Sex with Female Bodybuilder Musclebound Michelle
From Mousey Girl to Muscle Goddess
Want to know how I became a female bodybuilder? Are you intrigued how the average girl next door went from meek to massive and became obsessed with building and transforming her body into a temple of female muscle?

So how did I go from a skinny girl in baggy clothing to a rock hard hulking female bodybuilder, bulging with muscle, stretching the seams of all my clothing now? If you want those answers, and what drove a woman like myself to start pumping iron and building my body, then I suggest you read on, and then call me...
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I was that girl, your average girl next door, average body. Average looks and just average overall. I wasn't the high school prom queen, I was far from it. I wasn't a cheerleader, nor was I all that athletic by any means. I was your average neighbor girl, the girl you would hang-out with, but wouldn't consider dating.... Little did you know what I would become later in life....

...and now, just imagine going home for a visit years later, and you haven't seen or spoken to me during that time. You are out in the backyard, speaking with my parents out by their pool, and little did you know I was home visiting them. I see you, and step outside to say hello to you before I get in the pool for a swim.

I watch you watch me as I walk over, my body completely covered by the robe I am wearing. As we start making small talk, we catch up on old times and how our lives have been. I tell you I just came back from the gym and I was going to jump in the pool to cool down after my workout. You then say to me that you are glad I am working out as I look like I have added some weight over the years, and that you're glad I'm doing something about it.... I smile and start laughing a bit, as you are shocked I'm not offended by the comment you just made... I can see a puzzled look on your face now...

As I start unbuttoning the robe, I say to you, yes, I have gained some weight over the years... one button... two buttons... 3 buttons... I then pull the robe open, popping the rest of the buttons, exposing my pumped up, musclebound body... as I do this, I watch your face go from puzzled to a look of shock.... I then peel the robe from my muscular shoulders and I let it fall to the ground...
Talk Live with Female Bodybuilder Musclebound Michelle
I now stand before you, one of the biggest, sexiest, most muscular women in the world, dressed only in the skimpiest thong bikini, my muscles fully pumped, muscles erupting all over my body everywhere you look, veins snaking their way all over my forearms, biceps and shoulders, huge tree trunk sized quads, huge calf muscles flaring wide, ripped and thickly defined abs, veins popping out all over my inner thighs and over my abs, my big beautiful tits, nipples huge and hard, straining the cups of my bikini, atop my huge, thick muscular pecs. You then take in my huge trap muscles that are so big my neck gets lost in them. You take a step back,and notice that my back is so wide, my lat muscles are so thick that my arms are relaxed, yet being pushed outward, resting on them at a 45 degree angle....

You can't believe what your eyes are seeing... the little mousy Michelle you once knew has transformed into a huge, hulking, beefy female bodybuilder.... I see your lips moving, mumbling something... I hear the words, oh my god, how'd you... what.... faintly as you continue to look over my musclebound physique....

I can tell you like what you see... I proceed to flex for you, a most muscular pose that almost rips the bikini top from my upper body, a front lat spread and a front double bicep pose that makes my muscles become more pumped up and erupt all over.... still, all I can hear from your lips is, how... OMG... what....

Want to know more? Call me now, to hear what drove me to begin lifting weights, transforming my body into that of a Muscle Goddess and the woman of your fantasies and desires!
Talk Live with Female Bodybuilder Musclebound Michelle
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