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Sissy Master: Training, Feminization, Hypnosis...

Sissy Training from a Real Man.

UPDATE: 2018 Sissy Master Plans
New forced feminization and public exposure sissy training through cam and porn clips you will do. For trapped, sad, horny sissies who seek total mind control, endless sissy training assignments, orgasm control, endless heightened arousal from orgasm denial, edging, chastity.
Public interaction captured on cam while you are taking orders from me on the phone at NiteFlirt.
Reward of mindless sissy, bimbo bliss or harsh punishment, humiliation, fines and extra financial charges for disobedience and non compliance.
You must pass test and interview for consideration to be in Sissy Master’s Academy.
Top sissies enjoy status and are ranked publicly - compete for my attention and special training.
I’m taking this to the next level. Only 2% of you will make the cut.
Send essay, pics, confessions, goals, barriers to success and make a case for why I should devote special sissy training for you. Essays without tributes will be summarily shredded.
Below is my current training most of you already know about. This takes it to the next level.

- Rewiring your sexual response from your penis to your mouth, breasts and ass.
- chastity and lock - daily monitoring via snap chat, kik or similar method to ensure compliance
- numbered locks and tamper resistant approach.
- daily assignments individually tailored to participants to include hypnosis and guided imagery, humiliation, tease and denial, begging, prostate milking, cross dressing, forced feminization, fag abuse, exposure, slut training, penis shrinking, limp dick cumming, hands free orgasm training, emasculation, daily diary, etc.
- assignments on phone or Skype to include release, compliance, training, etc.

- Earn 10 seconds release for every week of chastity to attempt cumming while wearing condom and numbing cream.

Recommended for sissies, fags, power bottoms, TGs in early transition, cuckolds, and anyone who is seeking to take their submission to the next level. Learn to channel agonizing and sustained horniness into deep submission and slave training. Discover the deep, unmet psychological needs you have that can only be tapped into through extreme submission, punishment and earned rewards.
This is not intended for the casual phone sex client. This is an intense program. Prepare to commit to daily assignments, scheduled phone appointments and more. Maximum of 6 participants per 12-week program.
To be considered for participation BLOG The Four Types of Sissy... which type are you?

I've defined the majority of sissies by type. Below are the detailed descriptions of each of the four sissy types.

Type 1: The Gay Effeminate Sissy

Type 2: The Bisexual Sissy

Type 3: The Transgender/Gender Fluid Sissy

Type 4: The Straight Sissy

Now Available by appointment: CAM/SKYPE Training with Sissy Master. Limited time offer. All applicants must call to register for their Cam training session with Sissy Master... we're going to do beginning through VERY advanced sissy training.

Sissy Master's Blog: Volume 1, No. 1
A detailed description of the services offered. Get inside the mind of Sissy Master, so he can get inside YOU.

Are you purging your female clothes again? You and I both know you are a girl on the inside. Quit throwing out those expensive clothes and call me for an intervention.

Explore your inner female with my intensive program, The Nine Steps to Total Feminization AND/OR hot, erotic encounters.
I will provide you with the one-on-one instructions, guidance, assignments and/or intense role play you need to shed the last remnants of your manhood, and turn you into the girl or sissy you were born to be.

Whether you choose a single role-play session with me, or a life-changing total transformation, I will guide you on your feminine journey of self-discovery.

Here is a sample of some of the areas we can explore:

- Cross dressing
- Sissy Training
- Dominance and submission
- Hypnosis and Mind Control
- Chastity/Keyholder, Abstinence, Orgasm Control
- Cum Slut Training
- Humiliation
- Spanking
- Forced bi
- Small penis
- Cuckolding
- Bimbofication
- Maid Service
- Hormones, body-modification, Sexual Reassignment Surgery
- Passing vs. non-passing and self-acceptance
- and much more!

My low introductory rate will encourage you to take your time and open up so I can help you on your journey.

As many of you know, my policy has not permitted you to purchase my personal pictures. However, some of you apparently CRAVE to see my thick cock so you can focus on it during our hypnosis sessions, your sissy training assignments, motivational purposes, etc. Towards that end, I am making an exception to my policy and am including one, high-resolution, "suitable for framing" picture of my pre-cum oozing Cock for highly committed and motivated sissies. $100

Current sissies who are under my training - this is your sissy assignment fee. Click this when you have successfully completed an assignment (e.g., giving blow job, being face fucked, serving as a sissy maid, etc.) $5

PREMATURE EJACULATION FEE! Calling me after weeks of chastity only to cum like a whore in under a minute from just the sound of my voice. This is the price you pay. $10

Pre-register for my course here:

Nine Steps to Total Feminine Transformation: Introduction, Sexual Interest Inventory with Assessment and 5 FREE PHONE MINUTES! - $9.95

Customized Sissy Training: $100

Masturbation Fine $20

For not being a real man and not being girl enough: $15

I do not engage in any activities that are in violation of NiteFlirt policies or the law. I reserve the right to terminate any call without refund for any violation of NiteFlirt policies or the law.