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Humiliation is This Girl Next Doors Hobby

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Who the fuck are you to call me with your wimpy little fantasies? Did you forget you're so pathetic that you actually needed to use a phone sex service? Oh that's right, how could you forget just what a worthless piece of shit you are, it's precisely why you are here? Awww reality check too much for you? Don't worry baby lucky for you it's purely anonymous, you can tell me ANYTHING your sad little heart desires. With me you will feel like you've finally met your match. I am so far from being reserved you honestly don't know what your missing! I dare you to do your worst, you might be very surprised! Still not sure? E-mail me first, say "Hi" I'll give you two free minutes on me and if I'm not right for you feel free to hang up in my fucking face because I could really give that much of a fuck less about you. It's just that simple.. Now come to me :)

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I know what you’re doing there you naughty, naughty boy; I’ll bet you’re just sitting there hard cock in hand, softly stroking yourself as you flip through hundreds of sexy and potential flirts that may end up on your hit list. So much hot tail… So little time… Why not listen to my Free Voice Sample? You’re probably already on the verge of cumming anyways, let me help you clear your mind so you can decide which flirt to call next. ;)

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