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I am a woman with a very well rounded life. I do the somewhat standard domestic thing most of the time......but...... once or twice a week I go to the bar looking for a fight. No, this does not mean I look for trouble or charge up someone who's not looking for that. What I do is bet wrestling with a bar's twist to it. I wrestle men in a street fighter form for a wager. I have been doing this off and on for 11 years now. I love the adrenaline kick and I most definitely love whooping the living sh*t out of a man!! I'm not a very large woman and beating a man that is much bigger than me is an even bigger rush than someone maybe only 30 to 50 lbs bigger than me.This is NOT the same thing as being in the standard BDSM lifestyle. I bet on it and WANT that man to try to win the fight. I simply have a dominant personality and LOVE the fights. There is a definite charge I get out of beating a man. I need the challenge of him really trying to win in order for it to do anything for me.
This is something I REALLY do so don't expect me to feed you some stupid bullshit. I do actually fight and enjoy it!!!
tips are always appreciated