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Your Deviant Extreme Taboo Angel

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"The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth,
the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him,
or into the air all around him.
She had become a physical necessity."
*George Orwell*

If you're here, you're here to feed and explore your Fantasies
that tend to be very dark and questionable...yes?
I like to take things to the depths and very edge of life...
Those deeper, darker, mind altering places are where I love to go...

As Always - It Really Is AnythingGoes

| Men Who Need to Hear No Please NO | Force | Psychopaths |
| Men into Soft and Sexy or Rough and Cruel | Her Nasty Panties |
| Those Who Need Those Exquisite Sounds of Fear and Trembling |
| Extreme - Smut Taboos Types of Role Play | Hoods | Masks | Boot Worship |
| Castration | Edging | Erotic Asphyxiation | Knife Play | Abduction | Face Fucking |
| Choking/Gagging | Girly Shemales | Sodomy | Pantie Boys | Sissy Boys | Confessions |
| Popper Intox | Vampire Blood Play | UFO Alien Abduction-SciFi | Cannibalism | Silence |
| NiteFlirt's Midnight Prowlers | Man with a Story to Tell | Straight Men | SleepingBeauty Lovers |
| Monster Cocks | Cuckold Cock Sucker | Re-Living Past Experiences | Barely Legal | Accomplice |
| Premature Ejaculating Minute Men | Spies Villains Super Heroes | Even Coffee Talk |
| Those Extreme Fantasies | Those Serious about Suffering Rejection SUFFER Because You Want To |

| Theologians and Scholars | Brainwashed Fundamentalists with Misunderstood Fantasies of the Flesh |

I actually love to do calls because I rather enjoy the One on One interaction
and personal connection and getting caught up in what turns you on.
I totally enjoy those who KNOW what they want from a call with me.
If you don't know then I don't know and I am not in to guessing games
As you can see I enjoy probing your inner darkness,
learning your deep perversity and what controls your prick..

NOTE: In this world of technology gone crazy, I feel I need to tell you that I Will Never Hang Up On You.
If we get disconnected it is never because I ended the call ..Ever

I welcome PTV email for those who are too shy to call or can't call
yet like the fact there's interaction

CFNM Milf Will Watch you on Skype
till 9 pm
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