Phone Sex

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I know that some of you are only interested in a real submissive woman to use. I promise you, I am one. I know that I am nothing more than a fuck toy for your pleasure, if I have three good holes to use they should never be empty. You can put what you want in them and use me however you like, pass me around to your friends, whore me out, make me participate in forced lesbianism, I know that I have no right to deny you anything, cunts don't have rights, they just open their holes. If you want to put a paper bag over my head and not have to look at me while you fuck me, I know that is your right. If I make too much noise while you're fucking me in the ass I know I deserve to be gagged so my cries won't disturb your pleasure unless, of course, you want everyone to hear me so they know what a whore I am. I know the only things that matter are my holes and whatever pleasure they might bring you.

If I have a secret confession it is that I especially like being sexually humiliated and degraded. The thought of being taken to a seedy hotel, tied naked to a bed, spread wide open with my big, smelly cunt exposed, blindfolded, and the door left wide open for anyone who happens by excites me. I'm a slut. I can't help it. I'll be your pet, put a leash and collar on me and take me for a walk, make me drink from doggie bowls, keep me in a cage, do what you want with me, I won't complain. I know there are those of you out there who need to humiliate and degrade as much as I need to be humiliated and degraded. Please use me. Please. I'm begging you to take me and make me your worthless little slut.