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christina q

I'm Christina and you're... mine. :)

OK, so it's come to my attention that some of you guys call me up here cause you see my listing and think I'm cute and want me to tease you... but have no clue who I am, or that I'm like kind of famous for my cocktease powers.

You've heard of me, pantyhose addict. Or maybe you're the kind of guy who needs to be fully, inescapably restrained. If you're here, you're already fantasizing about my shiny legs and my obsession with pantyhose.

I can do that. I can hypnotize you till you're frozen at your computer.

I can make you a mindless slave to my shiny legs. Probably already have...

You've seen my pantyhose videos, or some my melty-sexy bondage sessions-- I'm your fetish dreamgirl. Pantyhose are my specialty. I wear them all day, all the time -- to the grocery store, to the gym, to bed, in the shower. I'm really a real girl?. I love how they feel on my legs, and better, I love how sheer, shiny pantyhose make men melt. :) And have you heard of my pantyhose pulling method? The friction, the teasing has literally driven boys crazy. In a good way, though. I think...

That's not all. I'm kind of a bondage expert. I can immobilize you with anything from fiberglass and cement to latex and nylon. No, seriously. You might be skeptical, cause I'm this tiny little girl who doesn't look like she could do much more than order sushi, but once I get you in my clutches.. I promise, I won't let you go until I'm ready. I know how important it is to feel owned, to know that you don't have any choice in the matter, to see a beautiful girl standing over you with a sneer -- or even just hear her giggle and know that you're her prisoner -- and that's why I'm your favorite. :)

Or maybe you need someone to be a real chastity mistress,
a sweet but merciless dick warden. ;)
Hi, nice to meet you.

Other likes include chastity, chastity, magical pantyhose hypnosis, chastity, pantyhose, and chastity.

Feel the need to spoil me rotten? Well, I'll always be the sweetest lil' restraintologist alive, but you can send me a present to make me happy...