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christina q

friendly flirty femdom, pantyhose dreamgirl ;)

Need to feel as desperate and helpless as an inmate at a penitentiary? Or maybe you're hypnotized by my shiny legs, a true pantyhose addict. If you're here, it's already too late--might as well call, now, because the longer you wait, the harder it'll be to think of anything but me.

I'm Christina, and I like bondage. And boys. I don't mind when you spoil me like the Jewish-American Princess I am, either.... (click, silly). ... Haha, I like my boys in my bondage--and hypnoseduced--and in chastity....

I'm not one of those cam girls or so-called "financial" dominatrixes, who have little experience and even less understanding. Bondage, control -- femdom. That's what I do, and if you're looking for real female domination from a 5-foot-tall flirt, you're in the right spot.

I can read you -- and every guy I've ever met -- so easily, and I I know all your fetish secrets, all of them, things you didn't even realize you craved. I will wrap your fetish around my little finger and make you desperate. I'm your femdom dreamgirl.

Once I get you, I won't let you go until I'm ready. You're gonna get addicted... but that's kind of what we both want. I know how important it is to feel owned, to know that you don't have any choice in the matter, to imagine beautiful girl standing over you with a sneer -- or even just think of my giggle and know that you're my prisoner...

i'm also into

  1. pantyhose . . . I wear pantyhose every day, everywhere. I have a genuine pantyhose addiction.
  2. real chastity . . . If you can take it off -- if you can cut the lock -- if you can lube yourself free or have to "pretend" for "mistress" -- it's not real and it's not worth it.(check out my chastity program here)
  3. mental suggestibility training . . . a lot of people call what I do hypnosis, but I don't like the word. I just help you relax... a lot... until your brain naturally gives over control of your body, your emotions, your actions...
  4. pantyhose . . . wait I said that already
  5. experimenting . . .
  6. edging and edging and edging . . . you until you're out of your mind with need
  7. pantyhose . . . really, anything that feels smooth, fits tight and looks shiny.