Phone Sex

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You arrive at my office door with the a memo in your hand, it reads; "See me in my office before you leave for lunch." So just before lunch you head over to my office on the top floor. My assistant sees you exiting the elevator and stands to greet you. She takes your hand in hers and gently guides you over to my desk until you’re standing right in front of it. Then, with a sudden firm grip around your neck she has taken control of you, and with the speed of super hero your hands are bound behind your back and you’re on your knees. Then, with her one hand still gripping your throat, she begins to put bright red lipstick on your lips, which are now starting to pucker from all the heavy breathing. But she smears it on and now you’re looking a bit… trashy! “Get under that desk!” my lovely assistant commands and without a moment of hesitation you obey. It’s difficult with your hands bound but you’re a smart bitch aren’t you? I’m sure you’ll figure it out, after all you do want to suck my cock don’t you? What a fag!