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I’m Lola, a Sweet Sultry Canadian who loves to be the Dirtiest Little Vixen you’ve ever spoken to. I’m 5’8, 140 lbs., long brown hair, green eyes, and a full pouty mouth, that when wrapped around your cock forms the shape of a heart. My legs are long, and in-between those legs is the sexiest pinkest puffiest pussy you’ve ever seen. But you’re here because of my ASS. This beautiful mound of flesh that is firm and bouncy, spankable, squeezable, and when I’m on my knees with that ass in the air it’s a vision of pure lust. Oh, how you want to climb on and slide your hard swollen cock into the hole of your choosing. Once you feel how warm and juicy I am there's no way to stop fucking, or probing fuckable sexable me with your tongue. Bathing my ass and pussy until you get the release you're looking for. Let’s get our creative juices flowing till they explode from our bodies. I have a voracious sexual appetite. Nothing surprises me, and all excites me. I love my body and I know how to touch it to achieve the greatest orgasm. Masturbation is something I LOVE TO DO. I have a pussy that tingles and aches when you talk dirty to me, and a toy collection I'll let you choose from for me to use while we play. I can’t explain my desire for phone sex when I hear a sexy voice It just gets me so aroused that I can’t help but touch and rub and eventually put things inside of me that just feel so good. I can't wait to play with you, Your Lola

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