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My husband's away, care to play?

I see the way men look at me, and I love it. I deliberately go out and sunbathe on the patio when the gardener comes over. I'll wear the skimpiest bikini and watch as he tries to pretend to prune the roses with a big bulge in his pants. My next door neighbor spends way too long waxing his sports car as he gazes over the fence at me. Sometimes I'll pretend he's not looking and slip my fingers down into my bikini bottoms...

I've always been a cock tease, and now that I'm married, I'm even more of one. I shop for slinky, yet elegant dresses that show off my body, so that my husband's boss and coworkers will leer at me at those boring company parties. I know my husband loves it too, knowing that nearly ever man I meet probably wants to fuck me. Sometimes I fantasize about making him watch while another man ravages me. I love the idea of having two men at once. I'd love to teach a guy how to suck on a cock!

I'm well educated, with a vivid imagination, so maybe that's why my fantasies tend to be so perverse. Sometimes I think about some really freaky stuff! My husband works long hours and travels a lot, leaving me alone and bored, and my dirty mind wanders. Now I just need someone to share my fantasies with. Could it be you?