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Miss Athena x

I own you physically, mentally and intellectually.

I am Miss Athena. I am a Goddess of intellect, wit and capability that is unmatched. During our time together you will discover, quickly, that My powers will take ownership over your every waking thought.

Yes, Athena is My real name. I am the very essence of the Goddess who exhibited complete independence and strength unmatched by any Woman of her time. I do not need Woman or pitiful man in my life and am completed by Myself and Myself alone. I allow you into My space because I gain amusement from watching you fall to your knees and worship Me like the Goddess I am.

The favored among My followers are those who can entertain Me with wit and cleverness. I thirst for intellect; it drives my being. Fear not if you feel you are intellectually challenged; conversing with a Woman of my abilities will help you expand your psyche.

Over time, you will learn that your service to Me is your highest calling. Being Mine will bring you intellectual and spiritual fulfillment you could never gain elsewhere. The door to becoming whole is simply a phone call away. I look forward to our time together and the pleasure your worship of your Goddess will bring.