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Jessica Ann

foot lovers and wimps, this listing is for you

When you are at the foot of a Woman, you feel her strong power and are in service to her every whim.

Tell me those stories of when you've found yourself at her feet, and willing to do everything you never thought you ever would!

Most days I am available to speak with you by 5 pm or 7pm EST through 10:00 pm EST.

You find feet erotic because you know you don't deserve to see a Woman's "secret garden"!

You have the need to pay for your physical inadequacies and your failure as a man.

How perfect is that for me!? Wonderful!

Regarding paid chat. You may sign up from my chat card on my profile page. I will only let you warm up to paying a toe boy price on chat, then tell you to call me on this listing.

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Now you really do need to talk with me.

There are Dominant Women and then there are submissive ones.

I respect Dominant Women and work in synergy with them and their cuckolds sissies.

You, as most men, have a need of a worthy Woman to revere.

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Then you beg me to help you redeem yourself, at least a little bit. And I tell you what to do.
I understand the psyche of beta males who have various fetish cravings and are tired of living a lie.
You will be compelled to tell me what is so miserable about your life, and what you crave.

I understand males such as yourself and you'll feel known.

As I learn about you, I will determine what mode of discipline is most effective for you.
I will get into your head and own you.

My voice and words will remain strongly present with you each day,
reminding you of the truth of what you are, and what will be required of you, now.

You will tell me your secrets for I am the only one who truly understands. I love working with the beta male psyche. I am a Cuckoldress with over 15 years of experience as a cuckold coach for Dominant Woman and their beta males.

Healing, for males like you who can barely look in the mirror and admit their failure in the manhood department, comes as my brusque honest appraisal of your shortcomings.

Maybe my energy will simply cause you to fall down on your knees and admit what a lousy lover you were for your wife or girlfriend, and how, because of your secrets, you keep yourself set aside from her.

Maybe she already found out about your cravings, and used them against you, and now your fantasies have come to life, and aren't as easy to life with as you'd expected. One thing is for sure, you'll just have to tell me everything that has happened.

As you start to give me more and more,
the wildest of wild things may happen
your motivation in all areas of your life increases
and you have someone to report to about your thoughts and actions, ME!

You will act upon all advice and demands, both through NF mail and during our NF calls of your own free will at sole risk to you.

By any interaction with this Jessica Ann listing, you hold her blameless for the results in your life of following any of her advice or responding to her demands.

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You will reveal your deepest secrets and proclivities to me and you will be embarrassed.

I will push you past your boundaries and make you squirm as you are very aware of the truths about yourself.

It is my responses to your groveling at my feet that will stay in your mind all week.

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