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Bitch Extraordinaire

Blackmail games,foot/leg worship,fin. domination

First of all let me tell you what I am NOT. I am not a photoshopped,,silicone filled beauty with a smile as fake as a salon bought tan you see on glossy magazine pages. I am NOT a barely-out-of-teens little girl looking to finance her next Jersey Shore style party. I am not a bored housewife searching for a long forgotten little thrill on the side and ideas to discuss during lunch with her ladies. What I AM is a creature that has a power to transform into whatever my black little heart desires, without taking your feeling or wishes into consideration. A creature that has the power to fascinates ,manipulate and create a TRUE SERVANT out of a pathetic loser that you currently are.You will refer to me as MISTRESS Alana and you need to know I am a very dominant, selfish bitch when it comes to my sexual needs and definitely controlling . Naturally , punishing men is one of the greatest turn ons for me. Little worthless worms deserve nothing less. In particular , I absolutely adore blackmail games ,sissy training ,foot/leg worship and financial domination,! If you are one of the very few fortunate whiny bitches I pick ,be prepared to complete assignments,run errands and in general do whatever this superior creature desires.I can be very demanding , but if you are willing to obey and worship me in the way i find satisfying , you will find I can be quite generous. I have a very busy life, but I am willing to spare a few precious minutes for all of you ,little cunt sluts looking for a smallest bit of my affection and approval. For a price , of course. You need to be a TRUE SERVANT , who can appreciate the sweet smell of my pussy that he will never be able to touch... Imagine how I would stuff my stockings in his filthy mouth and cock tease him till he begs for mercy... Have a very intimate fashion show for one...For a TRUE MISTRESS the possibilities are endless !!! So pick up the phone, pay up and DONT YOU DARE be a cheap little whore!