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Coin-Operated Girl

♥ Come tame this feisty kitten! *giggle* ♥

`~``~` The Coin-Operated Girl `~``~`

- Close your eyes and allow me to read my listing to you as it's meant to be heard! (Only $3!) -
Better than wasting your time on a phone call with someone you might not be interested in!

"Yes, Sir." ... "Of course, Sir." ... "Please can I cum for you, Sir?"

Are you tired of hearing the same lines over and over again? Like a robot, programmed to read an identical, stoic script to everyone it encounters.

Tired of knowing that the person on the other end of the phone is simply going through the motions, wanting nothing more than to get paid?

Have all of your subs and slaves grown jaded and loose? Does the typical mindless doormat leave you feeling intellectually discontented? Do your manipulative talents seem wasted on someone who is already completely and brainlessly willing to do whatever you tell her to, without question?

You deserve better than that! You shouldn't be throwing away your time and money on someone who is anything less than 100% satisfying! When is the last time you could honestly say you were completely happy with a sexual experience? When was the last time a woman seriously quenched that thirst, that desire to feel in control--to feel like a real man?

Have you ever considered, or wanted to collar a sassy, witty, naive little princess like me? To take a sweet, shy--albeit perhaps not completely innocent--curious woman, and convince her to delve into the deepest, darkest regions of her most frighteningly erotic fantasies.

That, my friend, in my opinion (yes I do have those, and lots of them!), would be much more gratifying; knowing that she would give herself to you because you enticed her to, not because she had already planned on it.

What joy is there in being "in control" of someone who throws herself at your feet like a homeless wretch in search of food? Wouldn't you rather reel her in like a vampire seduces his unsuspecting victim, completely bedazzled and totally unaware that she's doing anything other than exactly what she wants to do; when in reality, you are truely the one pulling the strings. You are the omniscient Master of a completely oblivious puppet. She doesn't even know it, but she will soon be acquiescing to your every request, obediently complying to your every command.

This is my challenge for you. I'm not used to taking orders. I'm not used to asking for permission to do anything. I don't like authoritative titles like "Sir" or "Master"...maybe you can change that. Maybe you can make me want to. Maybe you can get me to the point where I need to...where I can't even climax on my own without asking you to let me, because I'm so enthralled with you and the desire for your approval. Maybe you can break me...

Let's see if you can tame this feisty little kitten. Come coax out that submissive in me that's just dying to be released and explored!

!! Disclaimer !! - I'm a pretty laid back person, but I'm not your typical wanton, uneducated, boot-licking slave. I'm classier than that, and down to earth. If you have any questionable needs or desires, please be sure to check out my home page and read my "Terms" before you call.

If you're interested in the challenge, please feel free to give me a call, or send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment! I am always up for a nice game of cat and mouse!

I must warn you though, I have been told I can be very addictive. You probably shouldn't call me if you don't want to end up draining your bank account in a week. *giggle*

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