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Princess Makayla Mae

You want me but you CANT have me! Ignoring Losers!

Pick up the phone, my pet...

1st 3 mins FREE for new customers!!!

Surrend your will power & wallet to serve a higher power...Now LOSER!

This sutlry spoiled princess should be spending your money instead of you, since I do it so much better. I deserve everything I want, which you should provide at any cost. You will sacrifice & deprive yourself to give me what I want. You were born to serve me- stop wasting precious time & start making yourself!

Oh BTW, I don't like to waste precious breath on losers, so when you call I'll probably ignore you. I have better things to do, you may simply go right into my panty drawer or juicy couture purse while you're forced to listen to me going about my fabulous day while I laugh at how pathetic you are. I may be getting ready to go out, fucking my boyfriend(who's a real man unlike you), talking on the phone, hanging with my girlfriends, shopping, painting my nails, working out, partying or whatever I feel like at the moment. If you’re lucky, I may even tell you how little you mean to me, that all your good for is your wallet & gifts.

Plead for my attention & the privilege to hear my sexy, sultry voice. The real big losers may simply hear silence; in that case you can beg me to raise the may work...or maybe not :p lol. This all depends on my mood, so make your princess happy by tributing &/or shopping my wishlist to prove your affections.

To my loyal minions who stay on the line for at least 15 minuts...You're gaurenteed to get my attention so be ready to shower me with compliments and of coarse something of monetary value because let's face it, that's basically all I care about. If I decide to give you the time of day...DO NOT dissapoint me! I'm only interested in acquireing slaves, pets, sissy sluts, blackmail bitches & sugar daddies whom are worth my time.

Keep Stroking your cock, knowing my perfection is just on the other close, but so far away.

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