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Financial Domination Brat

Upper class BITCH - I look down upon you

Hello fucksticks! I'm Casey. Look sweet, don't I? Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, right? Really fucking angelic... HAHA. Well, that is just one weapon in my arsenal to lure you in. I'm a potty mouthed, uber-snooty, young, mean British bitch HAHA! I'm here for one reason only, pervo, and that is to fleece you fuckers of cash whilst you drool over my borderline jail-bait hotness.

How bad do you want to touch me right now? HAHAHA! Well keep dreaming, DROOLER! Flash the cash, and I may show *SOME attention to let you know what a fucking peon you are. I may rub your face in the fact that I'm draining you dry of cash and take advantage of the fact that you can't stop buying me things.

About me: I'm a narcissistic, bratty, foul mouthed, mean bitch. I love shopping, spending your cash, using you like the ATM you are, talking about myself, partying and generally laughing at your expense.


Using guys
Buying things.

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