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How far is too far? Help me find out.

Feisty submissive looking for dominant man with a firm hand to lead me in learning. I don't yet know the protocol, I don't know the rules, I only know that no one has ever pushed me far enough.

Beautiful, athletic and golden skinned with a naughty smile and tits that stand up under my clothes all the time. People call me a hardbody and always notice my clear, expressive blue eyes. Test my obedience, toy with my fear and desire, make me beg you to Go on or to Stop or to Let me out or to Get it out.

Help me discover how far is too far. I have authority issues, and it wildly messes with my head to have to submit to another person's will. I hate being forced to wait, and it would probably be good for me.

Bind me. Use my saucy mouth as you see fit. Toy with my desire and fear, make me beg, and test my obedience to your perverse commands. Leave me vulnerable, and wake me later with your hand around my throat and your cock slipping friction inside the crack of my round, high ass. I like to be surprised with a sharp slap across the face or pussy. I like to be shared without choice, to be sticky wet and still serving, to be gagged, smeared in come, disciplined and molded into your ideal pet.

You can humiliate me, shame me, piss me off, then take me into your lap and wrap your hands around my waist, kiss my tears away, and experience my delicious gratitude. Yes, sweet poppy. I will try to do *exactly* as you say, and if I fail I hope you will help me recognize it with a firm hand and only the best motives.

One thing: Please don't make me wear panties. I hate panties and stopped wearing them when I was 15. They make me feel like I'm trapped and need to come immediately. The tension is almost unbearable. It makes me give a little cry out to come after being bound in that damp cotton and silk. Can you imagine how warm and frustrated I feel to your fingertips? To your lips? If you must make me wear panties, will you at least please give me permission to come?

But be forewarned: I joyfully switch. I have been known to make a straight man pull a hot load of cum on his face and lips for the first time - just because I wanted to watch it.

If what you're saying or doing really, really turns me on, it makes me kind of lose my breath and get very, very quiet for a few seconds. So you'll know you have me in knots, until I get my voice back, at least enough to weakly protest or murmur a Yes. No Yes.