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Cerebral Siren Goddess | Mind Fuck ARTIST

You desire pain, humiliation - there is a deep hunger, a secret, unfulfilled need inside you...

For a long while, you were able to keep it quiet, a dull hum in the back of your mind--but now, it grows steadily louder, heavier and your reason fights with your morals & both thrash desperately to keep from drowning in your raging torrent of desire for release.

That hunger, the disquieted animal nature that consumes you - the passion you can't share with anyone else - that is what has brought you to Me.

Your fantasies...your "kink" has propelled you, in search of opportunity to free yourself from the monster threatening to swallow you whole if not satisfied.

What I offer can't be found anywhere else for you; not in the arms of secret, vanilla lover. Not in the bottom of a bottle or some pathetic, self-sabotaging behavior.

You NEED Me. You need My instruction...My command.

You need to surrender control to one better suited to wield it.

I know all those hidden, filthy fantasies; those innermost desires lurking in the shadows.

I know what you YEARN for. Come; submit to Me.