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Jessica Ann

Learn your place, and be a good cuckold.

Many Women know the freedom of having sex with whoever they choose, while you sit at home and wait patiently for their return. you live in anticipation of when She will need you to do your job in the bedroom. Oh, not with your penis of course, but with your tongue.

You may have to 'Fluff' him so she can laugh and he is harder for her. You most certainly will need to scurry up between her legs after he slides out, so that you can catch his load in your mouth.

I coach cuckolds, for their Woman.

Most days I am available to speak with you by 5 pm or 7pm EST through 10:30 pm EST.

Domestic Discipline is NOW, not a thing of the past, yes in households all over the world! Dominant Women DO spank and
punish their males when they deem it necessary.

What do you do when you need a Dominant Woman and you aren't in a relationship? That is when I choose to make you answer to me.

You will answer to me, learn from me and abide by my decisions for your life and especially for that little wee wee of yours.

Buy my 7 minute audio about what life is like under my or another Woman's orgasm control for only $5!

Yes, chastity is part of this. Believe me, you will want her to "give a care" about whether you masturbate or not and when you release.

Otherwise, she'll give no attention whatever to that part of your body.

Generally, cuckolds make better life partners or husbands than Alpha Men. Alpha Men will give her a better 'ride' and are sexier.

She will have him and you, make no mistake about it. You will simply do all she wants you to do,
in order to make her and his life easier.

Being submissive to a Woman was easy. Are you ready to be submissive to him too? You better be!

You need to learn to be in waiting for her. Meanwhile you shall be in waiting for me, as this one in the picture is.

Doing whatever I need done at the time.

You need a Woman who will enslave you fully and give your life meaning.

Many beta males call me just prior to their transition
from penetrator to penetratee.
When your penis isn't big enough to call a cock, it becomes a clit.
Suddenly there is a natural progression to noticing your arse orifice as ripe for being penetrated.

Many males crave attention of a strap on or a real live cock even more than attention to their clit.

I can guide you through this unique time in your life.

When you find yourself suddenly submissive to her lover, you know there is no going back.

You used to get off of being submissive to a Woman, now you are even being spanked by her lover! How did this happen? You will never see yourself the same again, and nor should you!