Phone Sex

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Mistress Ava Black

Blackmail Humiliatrix, cuckdress, sissy trainer

Sexy, curvy, smoking hot huh?!?!
Don’t you wish you could get just a hot minute of my time and affection?
Don’t you wish you could hear my gorgeous husky voice saying your name and caressing you with my soothing words? Well I am way outta your league and you know it! And you will forever devote your life to trying to beg for my attention with your loser ways and loser personality!
You know that too well... Just take a look in the mirror at that ugly face staring back at you. Who would waste their time even blowing hot air in your direction? I wouldn’t even fart on you if you were running out of oxygen and needed my golden farts to survive! The only thing you deserve is to be ignored! And you cannot deny it anymore than I know it’s true.
You wouldn’t even know what to do if I actually acknowledged your pathetic existence would you? You’d probably sweat like the social retard that you are, so freaked out by female attention that your baby nuts will finally drop! You will always pay for what you truly deserve: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

You will always hang on, desperate to hear me actually say something to
show I know you are there won’t you? You will spend all your hard earned cash listening in and wishing you could be a part of my magical life!
You will listen like a desperate sore loser in the corner while I:
- eat my dinner
- go shopping with the girls
- do my groceries
- brush my teeth
- take a shower
- session with other pathetic losers like you
- webcam with desperate hungry losers like you
- have sex
- work out in the gym
- go on hot dates with sexy guys
- blah blah blah blah blah...
My phone comes on when I feel like it and stays on as long as I feel like it. It’s really all about me bitch boy. And you will adjust your day around stalking me online in the hope that you catch me doing something juicy enough to give your loser ears some action to get in on.
Wanna grab my attention? Then buy one of my tributes:
.... you might even get instructions to further humiliate yourself for my amusement.
The more you buy the more likely it is I will actually acknowledge you. I love tributes so the more you get while you hear me living it up the more chances you will have of actually getting an instruction from me during your call. You might even be allowed to beg me to be my personal slave, or you might even get instructions to further humiliate you for
my amusement.
But then again you might not. Whatever.
Call me now!