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Musclebound Michelle

Muscle Worship with a Sexy Female Bodybuilder

Phone Sex with Female Bodybuilder & Muscle Goddess Musclebound Michelle!
Have you ever seen a female bodybuilder before, either in photos, or out in public, at the gym? Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to run your hands over her rock hard and built, musclebound body? Seeing and watching her massive, bulging muscular body pose and flex, or watching her lift and push those heavy weights, pumpping iron in the gym?

Whether you are a man or a woman, and if you have ever experienced a desire, and been turned on by a woman with huge hulking muscles, you can explore your female muscle fantasies here with me!

Let me describe and tell you how much I love being so muscular, being a female bodybuilder, and how much I love pushing my body in the gym as I work to build my body and become bigger and more and more muscular. Imagine seeing my tanned rock hard bulging muscle packed body covered in sweat, hearing me sexily grunt and grown as I lift heavier and heavier weights, thick sexy veins crisscrossing all over my pumped up bulging sweat covered arms, shoulders, chest, abs and tree trunk sized quads and thighs, my huge calves flaring wide and thick with huge bulging female muscle.

Just imagine all of my enormous hulking muscles stretching the thin fabric of the little sports bra I'm wearing, my huge nipples rock hard and at full attention looking like they will pierce the fabric of my sports bra at any moment! As my body gets more and more pumped up, the little bra I'm wearing can take no more and begins ripping apart as seams start popping and ripping open as the threads seperate revealing more and more of my musclebound body pushing outwards as I become bigger, stronger and more muscular!

If any of those thoughts turn you on, call me and we can talk about all of your female muscle fantasies and desires!
Flexing my huge sexy muscular chest! Big Sexy pecs and tits!
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