Phone Sex

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Your dream life is waiting for you sissy.

Let’s cut to the chase sissy. You know what you are and I know what you are. I know your fantasies.
I even know what you do when you are alone in the closet.

I have something to offer you straight from Source. True freedom to be yourself.
That’s right you get to just be yourself. That is what you need. You need to connect to another as yourself.
We both know you are perfection. What exactly are you waiting for? The Future is now sissy.

When you contact Me you will instantly notice that it seems I’ve known you all your life. How is that possible?
Sissy you are a mystery to yourself but not to Me. I can see straight through all of your practiced masculinity.

Aren’t you tired of the game? Your dream life is waiting for you sissy.

All of the skirts and shoes and makeup, it’s all here. You have discovered the until now hidden treasure trove of sissification.
You have been drawn here because it’s time you start waking to your true self.

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