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Hopeless Hope

I'm Down And I Do Dirty And I Get Dirty and Nasty

I put my Lips on a Hot Rock to see if it can Pop,

I like to drink and take deep sucks so its cock juice trickles down my throat.

I like them big but I definitely slurp them small with my tongue

I'm Down And Dirty And I Get Dirty and Nasty Too,

Anything Goes!

I am in charge and will cock up that round juicy ass of mine

to be sucked and penetrated with things that are not too big.

Like your finger.

Anything too big make my ass hole rip and it hurts and burns.

Some time guys in my hood with them strong fat cocks

take turns with me, I let them because they rub it first and spit

on the hole and then rub they fat tip on my tight hole while they finger

me till I cum.

Then they penetrate me deep.

Once they get it going it feels good but the next day its tore up and hurts.

Then I need to have to find someone to lick it so I don't hurt.

Once this happens I will let any one lick it and grease it too.

Old Guys,Stupid Guys even dirty Bum Guys, but some times them

Bum Guys got real big hard nasty cocks that go to deep too.

So I don't trust them

By that time I start to feel better and my pussy starts

to cum from the

smallest penetration.

My hole is tight and small so small cocks give me deep orgasms

if they penetrate me at the right time.

Even after they cum I still be juicing.

Because of my rep I be in hall ways, alleys, backs

of cars, public bathrooms

anywhere that people cannot see us even on roofs.

Men like me because my pussy responds well to to just a finger or tongue lick.

I'm Cumming Now.

I need some mans white cum juice in my mouth now.

I got pictures too.

You don't have to call me I just wanted to get off in telling

U this.

But if you do call, don't say how nasty I am because of what I tell you.

I'm just like that.

Hopeless Hope