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How Would A White Men Feel Inside ME?

I often find myself out by the pool, talking on the phone reading some magazines.

BUT.. just about every day there always seems to be some men stopping and pulling their car or truck over off the road, for what seems like a quick break, a smoke or getting their cock washed by some hoe or horny chick.

At first, I never paid this no never mind. But it all of a sudden dawned on me when this white man was just standing there with his cock in his hand that this was going on.

At first it didn't focus my eyes, but when it did he was just standing there with his dick in his hand stroking it kind of slow but very palmed,firm and sure.

Even though he was kind of far off, I could still see the redness of his swelled red meat. I saw every stroke of his hand as he strained to I guess shoot one off as fast as he could. But as my eyes met his and for a moment he looked scared.

But he just kept right on stroking his red hard thick cock faster and faster. It was the strain in his face that made me feel his need like his dick was in me. His needed to just get his rock going so he could shoot and come.

To reach that final stroke that would set that hot rich cum dripping out of him. So I just stood there and watched him as the regret that he could not produce his cum as easy as he had intended to do. He pumped it and pumped it in full long strokes from the base of the shaft to the tip of his cock head, he just looked pleadingly at me to just let him cum or maybe help him. I felt him too I wanted to in some way help him achieve his goal but i couldn't. But of course I couldn't.

But I did reach down after about 4 or 5 minutes and started to touch my self and my pussy was so wet. I sat down and faced my lounge chair where he could see, and open my legs and fingered my pussy. I know he could see the redness of my inside and that by now I was soaking wet with my juices all over my hands.

When he finally did finish it was like an eruption that must have shot his cum at least 3 or 4 feet out that pulsed and shot at least 4 times. Because of him I became so curious. I wanted to know more about White Men like him and hot White Dick. To maybe get closer to the act of what he did by hearing him, touching him as he felt his need for me.

I'm not really that experienced but this has happened more then once and more then with this one white guy.

So inside I have built up a need that is hard to explain. But it was the redness of this one white guys dick, the thickness of it and the whole handed way he pumped his dick to orgasm that has made me want to talk about this with some one who might understand.

That's really it.

My man who is also Black just swims in me now, he didn't even notice how much wetter my pussy is. But it was the force of what I saw that makes me want to know more.

I have never dated or got stuck by a White Man before.