Phone Sex

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How to please and serve me and my desires

You thought you had it all figured out- Than I came across your screen! You need to know what makes me wet and how to insert your manhood into my dark secrets. You need to know how to make me smile and win my affection! Yes I am demanding and knowing that makes you feel weak and emasculated. Not to worry I'll help you with those feelings. You are welcome to confess your sexual shame, inadequacy, and most embarrassing secrets, and I will help to put you in exactly the place you belong. After you are properly unmanned, we will take you a step further in your transformation and push you to new levels of sexual shame than sexual delight. Tell me, how often do you jerk- off? Are you obsessed? Are you a jerk-off addict? Its ok... I can help you with that. Don't expect me to raise my voice. Don't expect me to call you silly names like so many wannabee domms. You will hear my concise, even, soft voice direct you into my pleasure pet. Once you admit your inadequate status you will be able follow the shameful fate you were meant to follow. I know that your little dick is getting hard which is the proof that this is what you are: even your sexual instinct tells you to serve and follow and obey me. That's why you are still reading this, Now pick up the phone, my soon to be pet, and call me.