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A brief introduction to how I got mixed up in this whole mess to begin with.

Every December my company throws a Holiday party, renting out a few ballrooms at a place like the Disney Land hotel. We dress fairly casual at work but this is the one time of year everyone dresses up. The men wear their tailored suits and try to convince their dates to wear the skimpiest dresses possible. I didn't think much of this and put on a suit I had recently purchased for a friend's wedding, it fit me so well and I had gotten many compliments on how good I looked in it.

When I arrived at the ballroom the drinking was already underway, I had missed the dinner service and now had access to an open bar. Our company spoiled us with the free drinks to keep the night rolling. About an hour and four fairly stiff drinks went by before I ran into my boss and his wife. She was gorgeous, no one at the office understood how she ended up with him, he was overweight, balding and not even very attractive. Hell he didn't even make that much money. I thought nothing of the look she gave me or the slightly too long hug she gave me when I first walked up, I was buzzed from the drinks and figured she was too. Innocent enough.

My boss insisted we all have drinks together and who was I to refuse. A few more co-workers joined our group and we headed to a table closest to one of the bars set up around the ballroom. As we all drank the night away, cheering to the holidays and upcoming new year more and more of my co-workers began to disappear from the table, heading home or to their hotel rooms to continue the partying or crash for the night.

Around 1:30AM that evening I was left at the table with my boss and his wife, both clearly unable to walk straight and asking for assistance getting back to their suite. Reluctantly I agreed and with one draped on either side of me I helped them up heading toward the hotel. As we walked I couldn't help but notice his wife's hands moving over my upper back, occasionally squeezing my bicep slightly, her head lazily falling onto my shoulder.

When we got inside the elevator my boss leaned into the wall, holding onto the hand rail to hold himself up. His wife fell into me, pushing me up against the wall with her back. In her tight dress I could feel her ass push up against my thighs, her hands falling to the side and grabbing my waist to pull herself in closer. As her ass began to grind into my growing cock I heard her let out a soft moan, my eyes quickly darted over to my boss. He was nodding approvingly and staring at us. The silence of the elevator only broken by the soft moans his wife refused to stop.

Reaching their floor the elevator doors opened. Still pinned against the wall I watched as my boss walked out the door, his wife spinning around to look me in the eyes, her hand reaching down and squeezing my thick cock. She was pleased with the size it had grown too and her eyes lit up. Quickly she let go, grabbing my hand and leading me toward their suite...

Confused by the situation I let it take me over. The alcohol and my lust for his wife made me crave her, my body followed automatically into the suite and watched the door shut behind me. Inside my boss was already seated in a sofa chair facing the bed. As we walked toward the bed his wife slipped the shoulders of her dress off, I watched as the dress fell to the floor lazily, revealing the lingerie on her perfect body. Looking over at my boss in the chair he motioned toward the bed with a nod. Standing next to the bed his wife turned toward me, removing my jacket, tearing away at my tie and shirt buttons. Leaning in her lips pressed against my neck, tonguing at me as she unbuttoned my pants.

My pants fell to the floor, revealing my throbbing hard nine inches through my underwear barely able to hold it in. I turned again to look at my boss who was now staring at it, his eyes lighting up while wetting his lips. When she pulled my underwear off and they both let out a gasp. My cock was thicker than her forearm and almost up to her elbow, she moaned as she touched it and my boss shifted in his chair.

Unable to contain myself I had to take control, she was begging for it and I was tired of playing games. I turned her around and threw her down on the bed on her stomach. Grabbing her waist I lifted her ass into the air and in one motion tore her panties down to her knees, exposing her soaked pussy as her ass flinched. My boss sat up and leaned in as if my gesture excited him, he was still staring straight at my cock. I flexed it while he watched, he gasped looking up at my eyes for a brief second before looking back down completely ignoring his bent over wife in front of me.

As I began to fuck her she cried out with a mix of pleasure and pain. I didn't go easy on her and shoved it all the way inside her on the first thrust. Judging by her reaction I could tell she had never had a cock as big as mine and it felt as if she hadn't been fucked in a long while. I impaled her on my cock, grabbing her waist and slamming her down until her ass slapped against my thighs. She cried, screamed and groaned with pleasure, the sounds she was making were barely human. I ravaged her hole, splitting her open and pushing in so deep she could feel it past her belly button.

Staring motionless as my cock was pounding deep into his wife my boss was unable to speak. Watching him I figured out that this is what he wanted the whole time. His pathetic little cock couldn't satisfy his goddess of a wife and he didn't deserve to fuck her. He wanted a real man to come in and please her, give her the deep fucking goddesses require. Even after filling her hole with my cum I didn't stop, she deserved it and I gave it to her.

But it was more than that, he worshiped my cock from the beginning. As I destroyed his wife's fuck hole with my perfect cock he was imagining that it was him bent over on the bed. That my nine inch fuck stick was splitting his filthy undeserving ass apart, he wanted it to be him that was feeling my perfect cock up inside him to his belly button. That it were my hands grabbing his waist, that with every shove deeper that it were my balls slapping up against his unable to drive deeper into his pitiful hole. He knew he would never have me and that this was the closest he could get, he knew he didn't even deserve to get off watching it, that his tiny worthless cock shouldn't even be in the same room as mine.

Even when I shoved my cock deep inside his wife's ass I barely heard a whimper from him, he was defeated absolutely by me. He wasn't worth the orgasms I gave his wife as she began cumming on my cock over and over. As my cum began dripping out of her hole down her thigh his eyes lit up, I could tell he wanted it. He looked up at me, asking if he could have it with his expression. I shook my head no, he didn't even deserve this. Upset he would even think to ask I pointed out of the room, forcing him to spend the rest of the night in the hallway listening through the door as I abused all of his wife's holes.

Needless to say after that night my relationship with my boss and his wife changed. Whenever his wife needed a real man to take care of her I would get a bonus or a raise. Sometimes I would even let him watch, just like that first time... usually not, he didn't deserve it.