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Racial Humiliation and Financial Domination!

My rules of engagement:

1.Open your mouth and state your name and this is NOT my cam line (I am not a mind reader)
2. Always remember you’re speaking to a Goddess
4. I am NOT submissive and I don’t need to yell or scream to assert my authority
5. Remember your manners and I am open to discuss any topic.
6. You have here to SACRIFICE FOR ME!
7. Buying my "chat ID's and calling my cam line is the only way to see me on cam.

I am Goddess Memphis, a Houston Texas Lifestyle Goddess. Many know me as " The Ebony Succubus". I am both a Benevolent and Malevolent Goddess, the epitome of "Ying and Yang', how both "good & evil need to be present for "balance" to exist. I've been subjugating the male species one male at a time for the pass 3 years, forcing white boys to suck BBC ( forced Bi) is one of my favorite "hoobies". I am not here to "serve" you or your 'cock", I couldn't careless if you cum and often I prefer you didn't. The thought of you stroking your inferior pink cock sickens me. If I had it my way, you'd be locked in chastity never allowed to cum again. How do you plan to amuse me? How are "you" going to entertain me? Why should I speak with you? How is your existence going to benefit Mine? It's doesn't matter to me if you have a Financial Domination Fetish or not, if you aren't sacrificing for me, you don't matter. I provide purpose, order and meaning where chaos, sorrow and misery once consumed you. My tribute buttons at the bottom of my page are how you "thank me", my wish list button is where who prove you truly desire to "sacrifice for me. For what is “worship” without “sacrifice”? It is noting more than “ lip service”, and I have no interest or use for a slave, submissive or client who provides “lip serve” only. I want you to speak to me through “sacrifice” whether you’re here to take a sacred vow of ‘ financial servitude”, send me a sacrifice as a “love gift”, pay for something I want or you're sending a tribute for cam. I expect you to be humble, patience and gracious when interacting with Me. I am only interested in generous clients, subs and slaves who know their place and always remember their manners. Sacrifice and indulge in me, being in service to Me is filled with “bitter sweet corners and dark back allies”, you will enjoy every second of it.

Whether you're

Now the deviant sluts looking to confess & share their most horrendous & dark secrets and all you cuckolds, BBC whores and sissies how I do enjoy speaking to u.


1. Financial Domination
2. FemDom
3. Smoking Fetish
4. CBT
5. Small Penis Humiliation
6. Sissification
7. Forced Intox
8. Hair Fetish
9. BBC worship
10. Leather
11. Boot Worship
12. Chastity
13. Tease and Denial
14. Organism control
15. Dumpster Fetish/Garbage Fetish
16. Foot Worship
17. BBW worship
18. NailFetish
19. Racial Humiliation
20. Black Female Supremacy
21. Nylon & PantyHose Fetish
22. Sock Fetish
23. High Heel Worship ( Real Shoe Fetish)
24. Cuckolding
25. Erotic Humiliation
26. Verbal Abuse